Yoga Therapy for Women's Wellbeing 4 Week Course Offering

Yoga Therapy for Women's Wellbeing 4 Week Course Offering


Could this be the moment, the minute the breath that you decide to change your life? 


Yoga Therapy for Women's Wellbeing 4 Week Course offers a holisitic approach to empower, enrich and embrace the changes and challenges of womanhood through a daily yoga practice. 


  • 4 Week Course offering 
    • Filmed Yoga Therapy practice each week with designated 'selfwork' daily practices & check in via phone or zoom with Tyler, your Yoga Therapist from Always Sunny Yoga Therapy
    • Delicious, nourishing and simple recipes + dietary advice from our resident dietician Michaela from Eat for Life Dietetics 
  • 'Transformation Toolkit' delivered right to your doorstep including products from LOCAL WOMEN OWNED SMALL BUSINESSES (see below for details) 
  • Starts Sunday February 14th 2020


Step fully into your power with time and space for self care, introspection and transformation in your daily practice. Through a deep yogic and evidence based lense you will be guided by a yoga therapist, exercise physiologist and dietician for this month of deep discovery and action! 


    Our Community Contributers

    Offering: A custom blend Women's Wellbeing Oil INCLUDED in your Transformation Toolkit! 

    Founded by Caitlin Langford:

    'I endeavour to share, not just the highlights, but also delve into, the hard to speak about moments of motherhood. 

    I want to unite mamas, by offering this platform to women with a story to tell.'

    Offering: A mystery scent bespoke handmade candle tin with up to 40 hours burning time. 

    Founded by Michelle Bristow: 'The signature collection candles are hand-poured natural soy wax candles. They have been made using the highest quality ingredients and contain a lead-free non-toxic wick.'

    Offering: A 10% off voucher for yogat's eco friendly yoga mats with Australian works of art prints. 

    Founded by Carolyn Cooke: 'From canvas to mat, we work closely with Australian contemporary artists, creating limited edition collections that feature original artwork. Our aim to bolster the arts community and shine a spotlight on the rich diversity of talent we have in Australia.'

    Offering: Weekly dietary advice and recipes!

    Founded by Mikaela Joyes:

    'Mikaela believes that food should be simple, tasty, nutritious and most importantly enjoyable. With a strong background in the field, Mikaela has extensive experience, and it’s this combined with her passion that ensures clients leave feeling armed with knowledge, empowered, cared for and inspired to continue to eat well for life.'


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