Bend, breathe, beer... Yes: Beer Yoga!

Yoga is in its glory days. People from all walks of life are starting to at least give yoga a try. There are so many different forms of movement that are classified as yoga these days that people don't know which to try. That is why here at Always Sunny we have made it an easy choice: Beer Yoga!

Just imagine taking a big inhale breathing in everything you are grateful for and a long breathe out releasing all that is standing in your way... then blinking open your eyes and taking a long cold sip from a yummy brew! Beer Yoga is not only one of the most fun activities to participate in but comes with benefits as well. Essentially Beer Yoga includes a 45 minute yoga flow for all levels with a beer in your hand 90% of the time and receiving instructions (or deciding on your own) when to take a sip!

Beer Yoga is able to bring together individuals to do a yoga practice that wouldn't have tried yoga normally. It also allows for the avid yogis to release the seriousness that often accompanies their individual yoga practice. Beer Yoga in its essence allows people to open their bodies and open their minds to the thought that life (and yoga) can be lighthearted and fun. Beer Yoga allows people to go with their flow of movement and have a few cheeky sips along the ride.

Always Sunny, instructor Tyler Miscannon (see below), aims to create or provide movement inspired drinking events such as beer yoga to support causes around the Brisbane area! Beer Yoga is also offered for workplace team-building, corporate parties, gyms, retreats etc.

Beer Yoga for Boobs @ Active Life Fitness Everton Hills

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