Our Retreats

What does your best weekend look like?

Yoga, connection, waterfalls, nourishment, bushwalks, wine, kayaking, art, bike riding, meditation, stillness, serenity = balance

Corporate Retreats

Knowledge is power so we leave no stone unturned when we get to know your needs and goals. Allow your team to reset and rejuvenate so they can soar to new heights.

Willow Vale Cooking School Retreats

Day retreats and overnight retreats in 2021 based in the Gold Coast Hinterland. You don't have to be a cook or a yogi but be prepared to learn, taste, experience, flow and grow!

Private Retreats

Grab your friends, family or colleagues and design your own destination get away. Choosing between land or sea and dreaming up anything you want to include, Tula will deliver it.

Image by Jeremy Thomas

Tula Wellness Retreats

Always Sunny Yoga & Yogat

Tula Wellness Retreats are cooperated by Carolyn Cooke, owner of Yogat and Yoga Therapist, Tyler Miscannon, from Always Sunny Yoga Therapy. The two met through yoga and discovered their aligned values and desire to inspire others to find balance and inspiration amid today's busy lifestyle. 

Tula, meaning "balance" in Sanskrit, is that vision. Each retreat aims to bring a balance of time connecting in nature, connecting with others and reconnecting with self. Tula Wellness teaches guests how to use techniques to find balance, purpose and wonder in their daily lives.


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