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I suffer from a few auto immune illnesses that effect me physically but since working together, I am much stronger in body and spirit and Tyler finds the perfect balance of working with my sometimes broken body but also encouraging me to work harder where I can, when I can... She is my little pocket rocket dose of fun, laughter and wellness and I am so thankful I found her.

-Mel G. 

The yoga therapy sessions I have experienced with Tyler have been life changing. I was initially unaware of how influential her techniques would be in my day to day life. Each session with her was a breakthrough in discovering myself, and how to adjust my mind and breath to feel the power I needed in that situation. I feel more clarity, patience and positivity in my mind and I feel more connected to the flow of my body and the importance of showing it kindness and love. Thank you so much, I can not recommend your expertise highly enough 

-Rhianon M. 


I have been doing my daily practice prescribed by Tyler for 7 days. She really listened to what I needed and designed a yoga therapy practice that has truly enabled me to transition from my work day and improve my work/life balance.

-Jodi M

Tyler is such a wonderful and inspirational teacher. She's an old soul who knows exactly what you need and when you need it. Thoughtful, funny, kind, intuitive. Can't recommend her highly enough!

-Suze J

 My twice weekly sessions help me to take time out for me, have better mental focus, work on my fitness and health and connect with someone who is interested in me being at my best. Love your work Tyler.

-Allisa O

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I need to tell you about TYLER! She has taught me so much. Every time she trains me she teaches me something new, explaining what we are doing and why. She has introduced me to the world of Yoga.  Something that I intend to take further with her in addition to my current training. Her support and encouragement is so appreciated. and she always makes certain that I am working to my maximum ability. In addition to this - she is so FUN!  She always puts a smile on my face and makes me do great big belly laughs. She is the perfect motivator in all ways - an 'all round' champion in my eyes!

Dusty K. 

I've been doing Tyler's yoga sessions over 6 months now. I always look forward to her class because not only is it a great workout, but she injects a great sense of fun amongst the group. I can see my improvement week to week with flexibility and Tyler sneakily challenges you to try more complex poses along the way!

Angela W.


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